Court Ordered Drug Testing? - Get Automatic Notifications!

Mike V

Mike V

Mike is an engineer, turned addict, who finally sobered up and now gives back to the addiction community!

Wish you could get emails or notifications for those morning phone calls to the drug testing hotline? Well, Now you can!

If you were sentenced with a DUI, there’s a good chance that the judge or court ordered you to do some random drug testing. 

And, honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. 

But, what was really bothersome for me, was making sure I didn’t forget to call the hotline, or that I’d sleep in and miss the time slot to call! 

Thank goodness I found this service…

This service, called Hotline2U, will automatically call at the time you specify, and then
automatically text you and email you with the status of your test for the day!

It’s a simple service, but man is it NICE.

I’m am NOT getting paid or affiliated with these guys in any way, I just love the peace of mind it gives me.

Example Drug Testing Automatic Text Message:

The first message was me just trying to do a ‘test’ to see if their software worked with my reporting system. The second message was received at 5am and worked like a charm!

It’s a very simple service that works with the most popular court-ordered testing, called Sentry.

Just as if you were calling, it inputs your unique ID, and verifies the language.

You can start using Hotline2u on a 14-day free trial, and then it’s only $5/month.  I probably would have paid $50/month to be honest, it’s just that nice to have the peace of mind.

Will Hotline2u work with my drug & alcohol testing?

If you are required to call a hotline for court-ordered drug testing, and that system asks for pieces of information, then this service will likely work for you.  It should be in this order – Language, ID#, and then the first three letters of your last name.  (The Sentry Drug Test Notification System)

If your calling hotline uses a color coding system, this will NOT work for you.

Will this violate my probation?  What if it forgets?

I’m no expert on the matter, and I’d definitely check with your attorney or probation officer if you are concerned – however, I don’t see any reason why this would violate your probation, it’s not really different than setting an alarm or asking a friend to help remind you. 

This system should HELP YOU stay out of legal trouble, and that’s all the court or anyone else should really care about. 

That being said, it’s not a bad idea to set up another alarm on your phone, just to make sure you don’t get too careless and let the system do it ALL for yo

Can I still call the hotline myself?

Yep. I tested this myself.  I wanted to be doubly sure that the results that it automatically spits out for whether to go pee in a cup, were accurate.  So, if you’re curious, sign up for the service, test it out, then call yourself.  For me, it all checked out.