Looking for an AA Group Online that Provides Verification for the Courts or Probation?

Brandon W

Brandon W

Brandon is an engineer, turned entrepreneur, turned recovery expert and is a regular contributor at addictiontruth.com

Have a recent run-in with the law and need to start getting your meetings at Alcoholic’s Anonymous verified?  While some courts and officers might have specific requirements, I’ve done my best to put together a list of meetings with verification for AA below, along with the their requirements.  Enjoy!


Intherooms.com is by far the easiest platform for getting verification because the functionaly is built directly into the website.  

They have meetings for NA, AA, SA – and every other kind of addiction under the sun.

They have meetings every couple hours, and usually have a couple hundred people on every meeting. You can share if you want to, but you’ll quickly notice that its mostly the same people sharing every day. 

Overall, InTheRooms.com is great if you NEED a meeting, and NEED the verification, but if you’re looking to create community and really work the steps, I’d suggest Intergroup or In-Person meetings

AA Intergroup

AA Intergroup is the official directory for online meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous.

On the intergroup site, you can find meetings at almost any time of day, all across the world.  Most of the meetings use the Zoom interface, and will verify your attendance, but will require you to reach out via email.

In my experience, the Intergroup meetings are slightly more valuable, entertaining, and have a higher percentage of genuine addicts seeking sobriety.

If you want to get value from a group, and also get court verification, I would suggest finding a group that you really like FIRST, then after attending a few sessions, emailing the secretary/host and just communicating that you want to make it your home group and get verification. If it’s a true AA group, they will be very excited to help.

That being said, below I have listed a few groups that I have attended personally along with their deets!

💻 - 1 Focus, On Recovery

💻 - Joy of Living

💻 - Global Men's Meditation

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