Rehab, its Benefits and Rehab Programs

Types of Rehab

Rehab is the short form for “rehabilitation”. Rehabilitation refers to the process of helping individuals recover from physical, mental, or emotional challenges, such as injuries, illnesses, or addiction. The goal is to help individuals regain as much independence and functionality as possible. This will help improve their overall well-being. It involves a combination of medical […]

Types of Alcoholics and Myths

Most of us have the experience of drinking alcohol and getting tipsy. But many people don’t just consume it recreationally. They consume it as a necessity because they are addicted to it. But not every alcoholic is the same. So it is important to understand the types of alcoholics. What are the different types of […]

Everything about Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

  Have you ever thought that you are consuming too much alcohol? Or do you think you are an alcohol addict? Alcohol addiction is a major issue and you will never know when that recreational drink will become a necessity for you. To know all this, you need to understand what exactly is alcoholism and […]

Making the Right Choice: Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

When it comes to addiction treatment, the first step is often the hardest: admitting that you need help. But once that step is taken, the next decision is choosing the right treatment program. Two of the most common options are inpatient and outpatient treatment, and both have their pros and cons. It’s important to carefully […]

The Best Supplements & Vitamins for Alcoholics

As an alcoholic, your body quickly becomes deficient in a variety of vitamins and minerals. This article describes some of the most frequently overlooked vitamins and supplements that every alcoholic should look to add to their diet.

5 Books to Help You Stop Drinking for Good

Here is the excerpt for the post about the books and want to see how it looks and where the excerpt cuts off at. Lets see if you can see this much on the home page or where else it shows up.

Online AA Groups with Verification

Looking for an AA Group Online that Provides Verification for the Courts or Probation? Have a recent run-in with the law and need to start getting your meetings at Alcoholic’s Anonymous verified?  While some courts and officers might have specific requirements, I’ve done my best to put together a list of meetings with verification for […]